There are all sorts of FRP tanks in different styles and sizes.

FRP Vessels - Ideal Choice for Storing Sorts of Media

Kaymo Fiber Reinforced Plastic Manufacture Co., Ltd. specializes in production of all sorts of FRP tanks, including FRP chemical storage tank, FRP septic tank, FRP agitator tank and so forth. Our FRP tanks are commonly applied in chemistry, pharmacy, petroleum, environment protection, food, printing and dyeing industries.

Excellent FRP Tanks Made of Quality Raw Materials
There are four FRP tanks, including two vertical and two horizontal ones.
Excellent product - FRP tanks
Our FRP tanks which made of premium resin and fiberglass, are manufactured mainly by filament winding processes.

Below are some advantages of FRP tanks:

  • FRP tanks with smaller relative density have higher tensile strength than carbon steel and high-grade alloy steel.
  • FRP tanks, which are highly erosion-resistant, do well in storage, transport and treat acids, alkalis, salts, oils and various kinds of solvents.
  • FRP tanks modeled by a formation shape, have the characteristic of simple manufacturing process.
  • FRP tanks are easy to repair and do not necessitate arc welding in hazardous areas.
Four FRP tanks are for different usage, such as storing oil, treating water, agitating and transporting corrosive medium, etc.
Quality raw materials - fiber reinforced plastics (FRP)
Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), also called fiber reinforced polymer, is a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibers.

Below are some advantages of FRP:

  • FRP is one-fourth the density of steel, which means that in many instances, equipment can be handled manually instead of renting a crane.
  • FRP has excellent anti-corrosion performance, being able to withstand kinds of atmospheric, water, acids, alkalis, salts, oils and solvents.
  • FRP is also a relatively good thermal as well as an electrical insulator. The dielectric properties of FRP means that it can be used safely where electrical conductivity cannot be tolerated.
  • FRP features a low density, which can often give a good strength to weight ratio, which is important in transportation and many structural applications.

Whether it is the FRP tank or its high-quality raw material, all of these advantages translate into better engineered systems that make our FRP tanks perform better, last longer, and cost less.

Hot Products

FRP septic tank which is composed by synthetic resin and fiber reinforced plastic, is designed to treat domestic sewage.

FRP chemical storage tank is designed to store high corrosive chemicals like acids, alkalis, salts, etc.

Vertical FRP tank, made of a kind of nonmetallic material, are comprised of lining, reinforced and surface layer.

Horizontal FRP tank, made of premium fiberglass reinforced plastic, is a perfect choice when you need a storage tank but have height limitation.

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