FRP Septic Tank - a Good Solution to Deal with Sewage

FRP septic tank (also called FRP septic vessel), which is composed by synthetic resin and fiber reinforced plastic, is designed to treat domestic sewage. The major use of FRP septic tank is to store excreta and treat them with anaerobic digestion to decrease the solid content in sewage. It is needed in many fields, including waste disposal, petrochemical, chemical, light, electricity, pharmaceutical, power and civil industries.

As a composite product, FRP septic tank possesses light weight, fine surface finish, vivid color, good hardness, high strength and corrosion resistance. Due to all these advantages, it has far exceeded congeneric product which are made of ceramic, hard-plastic, steel and many other materials.

This is a FRP septic tank with three cleaning outlets.
FSTP-01: FRP septic tank is composed by synthetic resin and fiber reinforced plastic.
There is a 3D diagram of a FRP septic tank in green.
FSTP-02: FRP septic tank is a good solution to deal with domestic sewage.
This is the schematic diagram of FRP septic tank, showing its working process.
FSTP-03: FRP septic tank can store excreta and treat them with anaerobic digestion to decrease the solid content in sewage.
Specification - FRP septic tank
Model Nominal volume (m3) Actual volume (m3) Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
FSTS-02 2 2.15 2200 1200 900
FSTS-03 3 3.42 2500 1300 1000
FSTS-04 4 4.2 2700 1500 1200
FSTS-06 6 6.36 3700 1500 1200
FSTS-09 9 9.20 4000 1800 1500
FSTS-12 12 12.04 5000 1800 1500
FSTS-16 16 15.82 4000 2300 2000
FSTS-20 20 20.84 5100 2300 2000
FSTS-25 25 25.91 6200 2300 2000
FSTS-30 30 31.85 7600 2300 2000
FSTS-40 40 40.00 7000 2800 2500
FSTS-50 50 50.31 8200 2800 2500
FSTS-60 60 60.09 8400 2800 3100
FSTS-75 75 76.39 10000 3500 3100
FSTS-100 100 100.62 10900 3500 3190
There is a special kind of FRP septic tank.
FSTP-04: FRP septic tank can be manufactured into special shape to satisfy customers.
A FRP septic tank is installed underground.
FSTP-05: FRP septic tanks are installed underground to protect environment.
Three threaded FRP septic tanks with green coated are set underground.
FSTP-06: FRP septic tanks need small occupied area.
Two threaded FRP septic tanks are delivered to worksite.
FSTP-07: FRP septic tanks is easy to transport.


  • Be able to dispose excrement efficiently.
  • Acid & alkali & impact resistance.
  • High tensile & compression strength.
  • Good sealing performance & make no pollution to groundwater.
  • Buried & unpowered device with no need to maintain & manage.
  • Small occupied area.
  • Long service life.
  • Easy to install & time-saving & work-saving.

FRP septic tank which adopts unique design and bio-film package, is especially suitable for the transformation and construction of old towns' sewer systems. It is also widely applied in industrial districts, enterprise zones, residential areas, office buildings, schools, hospitals, public lavatories and other areas.

FRP septic vessels are stored in the warehouse.
FSTP-08: FRP septic vessels are especially suitable for old towns' sewer systems.
FRP septic tanks are packed on the trucks and sent to various regions.
FSTP-09: FRP septic tanks are widely applied in many places and fields to protect environment.
A FRP septic vessel in large size is delivered to a construction site.
FSTP-10: FRP septic vessel in large size can also be transported safely and efficiently.

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