Vertical FRP Tank - Lightweight & Anti-erosion Product

Vertical FRP tank, or vertical FRP vessel, is made of a kind of nonmetallic material which has strong anti-erosion ability, high strength and long operating life. Vertical FRP tank which is generally cylindrical is set on the base directly and its head is flat or round.

The walls of a vertical FRP tank are comprised of three layers:

  • Lining. The thickness of the inner layer is 2.5 - 3 mm. This layer which performs as an inside support and airtight partition, adopts anti-corrosion resin with good toughness, high elongation and low curing shrinkage rate.
  • Reinforced layer. It is also called support layer. Reinforced layer is made using filament winding process. The thickness of this layer depends on the diameter, pressure, safety factor and other factors.
  • Surface layer. Its thickness is about 0.5 mm. Surface layer is highly anti-aging, uvioresistant and it does well in preventing the permeation of foreign matter. Its resin content is more than 80%.
There are two vertical FRP tanks with orange ladders.
VFTP-01: Vertical FRP tank is made of nonmetallic material.
Vertical FRP vessels in different sizes and colors, are put together.
VFTP-02: Vertical FRP tank has high strength and light weight.
There are design drawings of three vertical FRP tanks in different shapes.
VFTP-03: Vertical FRP tanks in different dimensions have diverse use and can be applied in various fields.
Specification - vertical FRP tank
Volume (m3)
Height (mm)
Diameter (mm)
400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1500 1000 1800 2000 2200
0.1 850 430
0.2 1650 780 490
0.5 1840 1090 740
1 2080 1380
2 2650 1890 1440
3 2780 2090 1850
4 3660 2740 2410 2150
5 3390 2980 2650
6 3550 3140
7 3640 2930
8 4140 3320
9 4630 3710 3060
10 5130 4100 3370
11 5630 4500 3690 3100
12 4890 4010 3370
15 6070 4970 4150
18 7250 5920 4940
20 8030 6560 5470
25 8150 6790
30 8100


  • Excellent physical & chemical performance: Vertical FRP tank is high-tensile, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, seepage-proofing, and heat-insulation.
  • Good structural performance: Vertical FRP tank has optimized resin system and smooth wall structure which is non-toxic.
  • Extensive application & long service life: Vertical FRP tank can work in temperature ranging from -50 °C to 200 °C and store mediums of all types.
  • Light weight: Vertical FRP tank is a lightweight product which is easy to transport and store.
Vertical FRP tanks are stored in the factory.
VFTP-04: Vertical FRP tank has both good physical and chemical performance.
Vertical FRP tanks are placed together on a truck.
VFTP-05: Vertical FRP tank can work in a wide temperature range.
This is a working system of a series of vertical FRP vessels, which is running.
VFTP-06: Vertical FRP vessels can cooperate with each other to form an integral working system.

Vertical FRP tank is widely used in petroleum, chemical, textile, transportation, electronics, water irrigation and many other industries. It is also suitable for kinds of corrosion environment , such as acid, alkali, salt and organic solvent.

Two vertical FRP tanks are packed on a blue truck, while others are placed in the yard.
VFTP-07: Vertical FRP tank is suitable for kinds of corrosion environment.

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